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The International Initiative For The Third Temple 

Mission Statement

Building The Third Temple

Our number one goal is to liberate the temple mount from all obstacles there may be.

To achieve this goal, we’re preparing for the moment when we’re called upon to act and make a sacrifice for our cause.

Enlarging The Movement

We want to expand our reach by adding individuals from all walks of life who share our vision and passion for the third temple.

Consultation For Your Trip

We’re aware of many brothers in arms who fell short of their quest to complete the mission and were stopped at the gates of the holy land, because they didn’t know how to properly present themselves when questioned
by the local authorities. One of our main goals is to help you properly prepare for the inevitable clash with the bureaucracies of entering the country.

Land arrangement

We have multiple locations where you can meet key figures in the movement and get involved with the cause. If needed, we can help with land arrangement in advance.




Open Again!

The Temple Mount re-opened for visits, with high turnout on "Jerusalem day". Something good is happening, be part of it!


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Book club


Joy of the Whole Earth: Jerusalem and the Future of the World. by: Lars Enarson

Contact Us

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Our organization is a non-profit and is funded by individuals like you who have a passion to see the third temple built. If you want to submit a donation, please use the “contact us” link at the top the the page.

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